Just This

Performance at the "Museum Internet Caffé"
Athens 2005

Tuesday afternoon, in the "Museum Internet Caffé", with the customers going in and out, or working in front of the computers. I am seated in front of the computer screen and I talk to my boyfriend through the "messenger".

I hear several remarks made behind my back:
- Well, when is the performance to start?
- You are Sofologi, aren’t you?
- Let me tell you…oh-sorry you are talking!
- Isn’t this girl tired of talking with her boyfriend for so long?

Next to me there was a pack of CD's and each visitor had to take one and put it in his/her PC when he/she returned home. After opening the files he/she would see exactly the same thing: my boyfriend talking, without, however, his voice being heard, since I didn’t have an audio signal either, as well as all the necessary "materials" required to create such false interface. Throughout the action some people sat next to me, trying to follow my chat. The place, however, in which we were, proved to be the strongest of all my work’s elements, because it was that which supported the persuasiveness of my acting.